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Patient resource not included in graph
{{selectedResource.resourceType}}: Specification Profile
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{{selectedTimeLineItem.resource.resourceType}}: Specification Profile
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todo - add observations (moved from MA)
Cycle #{{cycle.cycleNumber}}
{{cycle.period.start}} {{cycle.period.end}} {{cycle.length}}
{{}} {{admin.start | date : "MMM dd yyyy h:mm"}} {{admin.drugName}} {{admin.dose}} {{admin.route}} over {{admin.length}} mins
Dose adjusted: {{adj}}
?graph of resources with direct reference
{{obs.code.text}}: {{obs.valueQuantity.value}} {{obs.valueQuantity.unit}}

{{input.selectedCycleThing.resource | json}}
Graph of local references (in and out) to selected cycle (like bundle visualizer)

Display in Bundle Visualizer
This has all report forms (QR resources) for all patients currently in the structured path public page. Next up will be to link to selected patient.


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{{selectedQR | json}}
{{selectedQ | json}}
from QR from structured path. ?does report need tumour type Right now, these are all reports for all patients as there is no patient link. Idea is to show what's possible... Note that this data is derived from Sample reports entered into the StructuredPath tool, and so are represented as QuestionnaireResponse resources. In real life these would be DiagnosticReport/Observation - but the actual data present should be the same
Add discontinue events (?or will just show)
DateAge of Obs.Value
{{obs.effectiveDateTime | date : "MMM dd yyyy h:mm"}}
{{obs.effectiveDateTime | age}} {{obs.valueString}} {{obs.valueQuantity.value}} {{obs.valueQuantity.unit}}
{{input.selectedObsFromTable | json}}
From patient viewer ? chart is better
Q from SP - use public api. Search / associate. store reference in regimen careplan (an extension)
Much of search is not coded - eg general text or more specific - like by section text (ancillary)
Want 'ancillary studies' section - search for a section with 'ancillary' in the text
list observations
query QR fromstructured path - need patient id + tumoretype

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graph centered on selected resource like BV
Validating bundle, please wait. This can take a little while...
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